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Who are we ?

Control Systems Inc. is an Industrial Controls, Software, and Prototype design company.

We do many different things for our customers from Machine Building, Plant Automation, Control Panels, SCADA Systems, Designing Prototypes to Updating and Repairing current Plant Machinery.


How can I get my enclosure UL approved?

Control Systems Inc is a UL508A panel shop.

Give us a call we can help with all your industrial control panel needs.

Circuit board development screen shots

Circuit Boards


PC Board

PC Board Design

Circuit board developement

Circuit Board


Circuit Board Designs

Electronics DesignPC Board or Printed Circuit board design is a combination of electronics knowledge and CAD programming together.

The process requires electronics design elements and testing and then a bit of artistic placement of components in a CAD (Computer Aided Design) environment.




Small PC board

A number of boards developed to isolate and regulate external analog signals going to a board level PLC






SCADA Circuit Board

4 Channel Load Cell amplifier and PLC interface board