Certified Integrator

Some of our Electrical Engineering Skills we can provide.

Drives and Motor Controls
· Variable Speed, AC
· Variable Speed, DC
· Drive Communications and Accessories
· Drives Software
· Servo Drives
· Synchronous Controllers
· Two-speed Controllers
· Motion Control, Integrated

Industrial Computers and Monitors
·Touch Screens
· Industrial Monitors
· Integrated Display Computers
· Non-Display Computers
· Workstations

General Controls Devices:
Relays, Timers, and Temperature Controllers
· Single Loop Temperature / Heater Controllers
· Solid-State Relays
· Safety
· General Information
· Contractors and Control Relays
· Emergency Stop Devices
· Hazardous Location and Pneumatic Switches
· Interlock Switches
· Isolation System
· Load Switches, IEC
· Operator Interface
· Position Interlock (Limit) Switches
· Presence Sensing Devices
· Programmable Logic Controllers
Two-Hand Control Devices
· Sensors
Capacitive Proximity
· Inductive Proximity
· Photoelectric
· Ultrasonic
· Signaling
· General Information
· Beacons
· Horns
· Panel Alarms
· Tower Lights
· Disconnect Switches
· Fuse Blocks
· Manual Motor Starters
· Plastic Enclosures
·Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
· Programmable Controllers
Programmable Automation Controllers
· Programmable Logic Controllers
· Safety Programmable Controllers
· Push Buttons
22 mm, IEC
· 30 mm, Nema
· Hazardous Location
· Pendant Stations
· Touch/Palm
· Relays, Timers

Networks and Communication
· DeviceNet
· EtherNet/IP
· Data Highway Plus
· DH-485
· Modems
· Remote I/O
· Operator Interface
· Message Displays
· HMI Software

· Chassis Based
· In-Cabinet or Distributed

· On-Machine,
· Lighting Control


How do I get my panel UL approved ?

Control Systems Inc is a UL508A panel shop.

Give us a call we can help with all your industrial control panel needs.



Siemens Panel Shop

Rockwell Programming

Allen Bradly Programming

PLC Programming

Automation Direct programming

Automation Direct PLC Programming

Koyo Programming



Control Panel

Redlion Programming

HMI Systems

Omron Programming

Mechanical Design

Solidworks Designs

SolidWorks CAD

Screen Programming


Solidworks Part Drawing

AutoCad Services

AutoCad Drawing

AutoCad Drafting

Electrical Control Panel

These are just a few of the products we built and regularly support. All logos are the property of their respective companies.


Custom Machine Design

Robotic Systems

Industrial designs can take on many forms, from a basic part to a small machine to a complete plant automation or SCADA system.

At Control Systems Inc., we can help with any of these solutions.

From designing a small plastic part to Automating an Assembly plant.Mechanical Design






" Control Systems Inc. a UL508A/ SIEMENS certified panel shop, sometime gets to have a little fun. "

Green Chopper
The panel centrally located in this unveiling of the SIEMENS Green Chopper was built by Control Systems Inc. at its Buford Georgia Office. 

The Green Chopper is a team up with renowned custom motorcycle manufacturer Orange County Choppers and SIEMENS to build the first custom electric motorcycle, which was featured on the hit TV show American Chopper.


Supplying Siemens PAC Meter and SEM3 Enclosures.

Siemens PAC Meter EnclosureSIEMENS SEM3 Enclosure


US2:ENCL3248001RTX, US2:ENCL3224001RTX, US2:ENCL314001TCX, US2:ENCL3148001TCX, US2:ENCL4248001RTX, US2:ENCL3224001TCX



A few the systems we have designed include:

Custom Machines

Project: Bottle Stacker
Description: Automated machine to stack pallets trays of bottles for shipment to filling facility.

Bottle Stacker


Project: SIPAD Systems Flattening System
Description: Automated machine to finish electronic circuit boards in the Patented and Proprietary SIPAD Solid Solder Process.

solid Solder MachineSSD

NASAGE HealthNorthGeneral DynamicsLockheed

Just a few of the companies who's circuit boards run on this machine.

SIPAD Systems Incorporated (SSi) is the Exclusive Supplier of SIPAD solid solder deposit in North America and the only SIPAD Solid Solder Deposit (SSD) coating service bureau in the world.   www.sipad.com

We also manufacture and Sell :

Laser Stencil Stretch Frame or Stencil Frames.
They will fit most any brand of Stencil Printer and laser that uses 30 long x 29 wide Tube Frames.

Laser Stencil Frame

These Stencil Frames are light weight CNC ed Aluminum Construction.

Stencil TensionerStencil Quick Load


With Integrated tensioning and quick load rails stencil rails.

If you are in need of a new Stencil Strech Frame for your laser. Please give us a call or email.


Project: Automated Valve Assembly Machine
Description: Automated machine use to insert valves into assemblies used in shower components.  This became part of an overall assembly line.

Valve Assm


Project: Automated Annealing Machine
Description:  Automated machine to anneal tubes used in assembly of auto related components.  Unit used a pick and place systems designed by me to remove tubes from entry conveyor, move them to anneal station, check annealing process with camera then use pick and place to off-load project to operator.

Annealing Machine


Project: Automated Trim and Folding Machine
Description:  Automated machine to advance, trim and fold sheet metal part to create final assembled roofing cap product.

We also supply prototype custom wire bending.

Wire bendingPrototype Wire Bending


Project: Automated 5 axis Servo Controlled Welding System
Description: Automated welding overlay system, included pendent PLC, 3 custom circuit boards, and 5 axis of servo control, used in the repair and preventive maintenance in the coal and nuclear power industry.

Power PlantPower Plant Systems


Electrical Systems and Software.

Project: Court House Jail Upgrade
Elements:  PLC and I/O Engineering and Complete Software Programming
Customer: Southeastern Security Professionals / Fulton County Judicial System
Jail UpgradeJail Upgrade

Project: Shear Line
Elements:  HMI, VFD Drive and PLC upgrade

Shear Upgrade


Controls Panel

Project: Waste Water SCADA
Elements: Allen Bradley PLC, (RTU) Radio’s, Red Lion HMI.
Customer: Utilities, Inc.

SCADAElectrical Panel

Project: Soybean Processing Plant Automation
Elements: Omron Control Programming and electrical start-up
Customer: Dean Oliver / House Foods.

Soybean PlantFood Processing

Project: Reclaim System Electrical Design
Elements: Design electrical systems, VFD, PLC, and HMI Programming.
Customer: Kimberly Clark / IBIS International

Reclaim System

Project: Product filling machine.
Elements: Electrical designs, Circuit board design, PLC and HMI
Customer: Zyvax


Plant Automation:

Assembly Plant automation


Project:  Automated Extrusion and Assembly Line
Customer: Millennium Mats
Description: Automated line that starts with raw rubber and carpet and manufacture a finished product.
Approx. size:  100 feet by 200 feet
Approx: Total 3 MM project

Control Systems Inc., supplied the total electrical controls and programming package for this systems.


Smaller part design, assemblies or Prototypes

Plastic PartsSolidWorks DesignSolidwork PartElectronics Prototype