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Who are we ?

Control Systems Inc. is an Industrial Controls, Software, and Prototype design company.

We do many different things for our customers from Machine Building, Plant Automation, Control Panels, SCADA Systems, Designing Prototypes to Updating and Repairing current Plant Machinery.


I would like to get my control panel UL approved.

Control Systems Inc is a UL508A panel shop.

Give us a call we can help with all your industrial control panel needs.



SolidWorks Machine


Solidworks model


Mechanical Design


Solidworks programming


CAD Drawing


3d model


Customer Circuit Boards





Artist Concept

Prototypes can take on many forms.  

These prototypes can be Consumer product prototypes, Medical devices prototypes or Machine prototypes, or just about anything a customer can think of.


Because of this many different skills are sometimes needed to make a finished product.  Mechanical Design, Electrical Design, Graphics Design, Advertising.


Below are a few pictures of a few prototype elements engineered.



HMI touch screen and PLC controls designed for the Medical Industry use in spinal decompression machine.






A customer needed a solid model of his product, to be used for contract manufacturing of the part, so we supplied a Solidworks model he could use.





Solidworks internet model

Virtual product designed to be used in online world for customer.






Photo Rendering

Complete Virtual machine design,  developed for concept presale design meeting.

This is Not a Picture, it is a computer generated model of a concept before building.

Design included background and even hanging banner showing products name.


Vacuum Forming

We also make Rapid Prototype Plastic Parts.   These can be created directly from your .stl files or we can design them for you.


Plastic Parts

Plastic Prototype Developed and Manufactured for a customer




A Prototype Vacuum Form Project.

The project was to develop a movie prop gun using the vacuum forming process.

The first step was to develop a SolidWorks CAD drawing from an artist concept for the movie prop.  



Wire Prop 



The Final SolidWorks Model once completed.


Prop Gun Solidworks


3D view of final Solidworks Model



The next step was to have a mold made at the CNC department.


CNC Prop Molds


Parts after the vacuum forming and trimming


Prop Gun Vacuum FormProp makeing